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About Us

About the Queens Walk Community Cafe

UK Food Aid Community CIC are proud to announce that they will be opening a new community cafe at the Queens Walk Community Centre very shortly. It will be know as the Queens Walk Community Cafe (QWCC)

The community cafe will be a Not-For-Profit organisation. All profits will be reinvested back into the cafe so that we may carry out other projects at the cafes community room such as a luncheon club for the elderly, teaching basic cooking skills, after school kids club as well as other partnerships with outside community organistions.

The cost of the meals will be kept to a minimum as we will be using good fresh produce that would otherwise be thrown away, cutting down on food waste.

There will also be a program in the future to provide healthy frozen meals for free or at a minimal cost to individuals or families struggling. (this will be by a referral system)

The cafe will provide meals for a variety of cultures and dietary requirements.

Each week we will be inviting cooks from different cultures to cook their traditonal meal as a choice within our menu. If this is something you would be interested in doing please contact us nearer the time of opening,

Our Aim

The community cafe project aims to provide an informal and affordable local meeting place, and to serve nutritious  food.

The facility will also double as a teaching kitchen. This will enable people of all ages and especially those living on their own, to experiment with recipes, gain new skills, confidence and enjoy learning about good nutrition, buying ingredients and cooking on a budget. Encouraging social eating will support several priority issues for Nottingham ,
particularly isolation, nutrition and well being. A community cafe will also aid local communications, and help to build individual networks and community cohesion. This project is also inter-generational, and can offer wide-reaching health and well being benefits.

Let’s Work Together

Get in touch so we can start working together.

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